by Mark Medley, National Post · Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011

For the past several years, author Joy Fielding has taught a course at the University of Toronto called “How to Write a Bestseller.” If anyone’s qualified to teach this class, it’s Fielding, who has published 22 (mostly bestselling) novels since her debut, The Best of Friends, was released in 1972. Sitting in Fielding’s classroom a couple of years ago was a former divorce attorney named Roberta Rich, who was hoping to make the jump from lawyer to writer; Fielding was impressed with Rich’s work, and the two became friends. This month, both women publish new books: Fielding’s 23rd novel, Now You See Her, tells the story of a middle-aged woman haunted by the death of her daughter, while Rich’s debut, The Midwife of Venice, concerns a Jewish midwife living in 16th-century Venice asked to save the wife and child of a Christian count. Mark Medley joined both authors for tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto last Friday.   Read the entire interview published in the National Post……



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