Yesterday was my birthday- not one with a pesky zero- worse than that. But Ken and I attended a Bo Diddly concert years ago in Reno. It was Bo’s birthday. He said, “It’s just a number, baby.” I have to take some comfort from that. As my old mother-in-law used to say, “as long as you have your health and your education, you’ll be fine.” I have my health, but my education is slowly drifting away.

In honour of my birthday, I planted a gardenia bush outside the front door. It has 6 buds on it. This is maybe my tenth try at a gardenia bush. I also planted lime tree which I am more hopeful about. This little puppy will grow. I will be surprised if it doesn’t have fruit on it next year. I was probably an orchardist in Venice in a previous life time. Maybe the 16th century.



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