I have been following the fascinating story of the reference case in B.C. on the issue of whether the laws prohibiting polygamy are constitutional. Reading through the heated discussions online, it occurred to me that this trial might excite some interest in my Izzie mystery, Leaving Heaven. It is more or less finished- about 85,000 words, written about three years ago.

Izzie, my Vancouver divorce lawyer protagonist, is doing penance for calling a Supreme Court Judge a ‘cocksucker’. To avoid serving jail for contempt of court, Izzie is volunteering at the local crisis centre. Just as she is about to pack it in for the night, go home and seduce her boyfriend, she receives a call from a polygamist wife from the town of Heaven, B.C. who begs her for help.

The opening sentence is: ‘Don’t let anyone kid you; a full moon brings out the crazies. Ask anyone who has to deal with the public.’

It’s a great book, but I seem to have re-invented myself as an historical novelist and there is no going back.



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