Yesterday was my birthday- not one with a pesky zero- worse than that. But Ken and […]
A friend of mine wrote about her recent trip to Cuba. My mother, Grace, was in […]
Wednesday February 16th 7:30pm – EVENT: Authors @ Harbourfront, For tickets and more information please visit: […]
Okay, I am in the middle of Fighter Daddy by my writer pal, Lee McKenzie. Very […]
Honestly, I think I am too delicate for this world. I am in the middle of […]
Having made it past the narco trafficantes, we are now safely ensconced in our casita. Weather […]
We arrived Friday night after a long (3000 mile) trip from Vancouver to Colima, Mexico, our […]
Now for some good news, I am happy to announce that my wonderful agent, Beverley Slopen, […]